N2PK Vector Network Analyzer

An affordable 0.05...50MHz home made VNA of a Lab quality from Paul Kiciak, N2PK

This page is about my implementation of the N2PK Vector Network Analyzer (VNA), which is a lab quality instrument designed by Paul Kiciak, N2PK. If you have not heard about it, I recommend you read the set of comprehensive materials nicely documented and categorized, which could be found on Paul's WEB site. From there you can follow other links to get even more information. If then you decide you want to build it, you are welcome to come back here, where I will be posting information about my experience with the VNA.

  The project main page with the history
VNA enclosure article
The assembled prototype board pictures
Construction of a bridge for the reflection measurements
Modification of the reflection bridge to improve its directivity
The unit construction hints and tips
Results of the noise test, showing the dynamic range of the VNA
The schematics
Latest PCB v5.x with on-board USB support
The parts list (BOM)
Screenshots of the practical measurement sessions
A homebrew transverter to extend the VNA frequency range to VHF/UHF and higher while keeping good measurements accuracy
A 70dB 1GHz Digital Step Attenuator. A perfect accessory for the N2PK VNA.
Comparisons of different network analyzers currently available on the Ham Radio market. Research performed by Rudy Severns, N6LF.
A handy Return Loss/SWR tool which you may find very useful when working with the VNA and simply for your daily needs around the shack
PCB kits availability
Assembled VNA

Thanks for dropping by and reading this page. Please feel free to contact me via the email address at the bottom of this page if you have questions.

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