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N2PK VNA works with both Windows 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems. Windows XP, Windows 7 and Vista are supported. The drivers for the 64-bit systems are digitally signed with a Verisign key and available for download from G8KBB's WEB site.

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RF-IV sensor base kit for the N2PK VNA. Use instead of T1-6T reflection bridge to expand impedance measurement range, increase measurements accuracy and calibration stability. Includes a PCB, two binocular cores for the RF transformers, and two lengths of #36 and #30 wire to wind the transformers - $20 including shipping worldwide by Airmail. Requires a few extra parts - download Digikey Bill of Materials. To learn more about the RF-IV method, download Paul N2PK's design documentation, and Agilent papers.
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S-Parameters Test Set PCB for the N2PK VNA. Uses solid state RF switch ICs to change direction of the VNA RF output, allowing for measuring forward and reverse S-Parameters without reversing the DUT. This is a bare PCB - $15 including shipping worldwide by Airmail. Download build documentation.
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Pi-Network PCB for characterizing crystal resonators. The circuit utilizes two Pi-attenuator pads as specified in IEC-444 standard. Can be mounted in the Hammond 1590A die-cast aluminum box. For use with the N2PK VNA or other VNAs or common RF test gear - $15 including shipping worldwide by Airmail. To download the schematic and Parts List follow this link.

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